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Venue draping

OTP is highly experienced in a wide variety of venue draping services utilizing high quality equipment and innovative rigging techniques. In house rigging capabilities facilite both freestanding support systems and flow truss support systems to suit the largest of venues.

OTPs draping stock not only includes classic black and white draping, but also coloured drapes, drops and overlays.

Bespoke drapes

With the majority of draping manufactured in-house, OTP is also capable of facilitating the production of custom drapes for the most bespoke of project solutions.

Venue draping for a party in a room. Black wall draping for an aircraft hangar. Marquee interior draping. Marquee interior draping. Wedding venue draping. Conference venue draping. Bespoke draping. Bespoke draping..
Party venue draping:
1/8: Decorative draping for a party theme.
Large venue draping:
2/8: Heavy black draping of aircraft hangar walls for an RAF event.
Marquee draping:
3/8: Decorative draping for a party theme.
Room draping:
4/8: Decorative draping for a party theme.
Wedding venue draping:
5/8: Stylish draping of a wedding venue.
Conference venue draping:
6/8: Black draping of venue around LED screens and set.
Bespoke draping:
7/8: In-house trial fit of bespoke velvet draping.
Bespoke draping:
8/8: Red velvet draping on stage at Kensington Palace.
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