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PA towers

OTP can provide a number of different solutions for flying PA, depending upon technical requirement, budget or aesthetic need:

  • Steel towers of Layher scaffold construction that can be independently ballasted and dressed with scrims

  • Aluminium truss-based PA 'wings' (usually as part of a stage build)

  • or classic 'V' towers capable of flying 800kg line array to a height of 7.5m.

Layher towers and PA wings can be supplied in custom configurations; with full or partial branding; or with specific lighting or effects requirements.

Layher PA towers integral with stage PA 'V' towers for music festival. Layher PA towers Layher PA towers with branded scrims and central arched banner PA 'V' towers for S2000 Saddlespan canopy.
PA towers & wings:
1/5: Layher PA towers integral with stage build.
PA towers & wings:
2/5: Typical 'V' PA tower pair for music festival.
PA towers & wings:
3/5: Typical Layher PA tower configuration with branded scrims.
PA towers & wings:
4/5: Layher PA towers with branded scrims and central arched banner.
PA towers & wings:
5/5: Typical 'V' PA tower pair for S2000 stage.
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